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Alpha Rocks Solicitors has solicitors who are ready to hear your case and give you the expert legal advice you deserve

Alpha Rocks Solicitors can advise in all aspects of trust law. This may include forming a charitable or non-charitable trust and advising trustees about their roles and responsibilities. We offer a professional service tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

We can also draft wills and provide advice on estate planning law and management. This process involves arranging the orderly distribution of an individual's assets after they have passed away, so as to avoid legal and financial complications. We also assist in obtaining Grant of Probate.

Our Solicitors are able to provide advice on `The Power of Attorney' which is a document by one person 'the Donor' to another person 'the Attorney' giving them power to act on his behalf. This will include signing documents on behalf of the donor in the case that he should be unavailable for whatever reason.

The Power of Attorney may also be general entitling the Attorney to do almost everything the Donor could do or it may be limited.

It also serves as a document defining the extent of his authority and it can be produced as evidence to third parties with whom he will deal.

The Power of Attorney could also be an enduring one which gives an authority that will continue even if the Donor becomes mentally incapable.

We provide a sympathetic yet professional service in this area.

Contact us with all matters relating to the above areas.


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