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Personal injuries

Our team of personal injury Solicitors are able to advise you on personal injury matters including accidents at work or in a public places and your possible rights to compensation.

We provide advice and handle claims arising from accidents when appropriate. We are able to provide advice relating to an illness caused by conditions at work, or in cases of professional or medical negligence.

Our professionals can also advise employers on their duties and responsibilities in order to comply with the Health & Safety legislations. We also offer advice on how to minimise the risk personal injury claims being brought against them.

We can assist you to pursue a claim through The Criminal Injuries Compensation Unit which was set up to administer the statutory compensation scheme for victims of violent crime.

We can also advise you of your rights and possible claims if you have suffered an injury caused by a faulty product you that you have purchased.

You may also contact us for advice if you have suffered illness or injury abroad as you may be entitled to compensation and we will advise you accordingly.

We advise you in a professional and confidential manner so as to allow you to achieve the best possible result.

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